Sizzle Channel reaches  35 million homes in Quarter 1, 2014.

Press Release Excerpt , February 2014


Sizzle Channel,  the TV network that has revolutioned what a cable network looks like by providing  fast pace, highly diverse video content  has reached a total distribution of 35 million households as of February 2014.


The networks rapid rise comes on the heels of a launch campaign allowing cable systems access to the Network without charge and encouraging viewers to e-mail their cable systems to keep the Channel.


The ad supported network has extended to the free access to cable systems through the end of 2017.

Cable System Negotiations Cause Internet Black-Out.
February 18, 2014


On February 12, 2014 we received noticed from Brighthouse Cable that the broadcast of our signal online was prohibited as a result of their interpretation of our MSO agreement.


While are working out a solution with our media partners , our programming will temporarily be unavailable online.  Should we not be able to reach an agreement to carry out network online, an alternative feed of Sizzle was be made available for our online viewers.

Sizzle Channel adds Cosmopolitan TV to line-up

Viewer Relations,  August  2013


Sizzle TV is a television network for men and women, but with so many great male oriented magazine partners, we were a little worried the ladies might feel a bit left out,. In addition to other great programming targeted women, Sizzle has added Cosmpolitan TV to it's programming grid.

Cosmopolitan TV brings classic series like ''Manthropology'' and '"Sexy vs. Skanky'' to Sizzle's Prime Time Lineup, 7 nights  a week starting September 1st.

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